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The Leo Movement started in Barbados with the charter of the Leo Club of Bridgetown on 24th July 1971. In Jamaica, the first Leo Club as the Montego Bay Leos Club was certified June 23, 1972. The first Leo Club in District 60A was Suriname in 1972 with the certification of the Leo Club Nieuw Nickerie. This was closely followed by Leo Club Leo Gado Tjo – Nov 29, 1972
Leo Clubs were established in all territories of the Multiple District with the exception of Anguilla and Montserrat Many Leos in the Multiple District have become Lions and several have ascended to leadership positions in the district, serving as Zone and Region Chairpersons. Of note are those former Leos, who would have reached to the level of District Governor - Tony Buncamper (2012/2013), Nadine Bushell (2016/2017) and Anwar Hollingsworth (2019/2020), with Nadine Bushell serving as Council Chair (2017/2018).
Multiple District 60 Leos have also had the opportunity to make their presence felt on the International stage. In 2017, the Leos of Suriname entered the International Leo Day Video Contest, and had one of the top ten (10) videos – Leos of Suriname – Vegetable Garden.

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